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Lake Bluff, IL 60044


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Patient Testimonials


8 Weeks to Wellness changed the way I think about my health.

Terri T - Jan 2016

Dr. McLaughlin 8 weeks of wellness offers so much, from the minute you walk into her office you start to feel better. From the initial blood work, to the eating habits, the chiropractic care she gives you is just amazing!


But that’s not all, during your 8 weeks, you learn how to change your eating habits and look at food different. When I sit down I ask myself how much I really need to eat or what can I change that will make me feel better. Tracking what I ate was also very beneficial to me, as I would look at what I ate and how much or was it good or bad for me.


You also get to meet their trainer and you will feel great when you leave and will look forward to coming back, believe me… it was awesome. I did core exercises and weights that I thought I would never be able to do.


Then off to Matt, the massage therapist, he is awesome too! What a way to end your day at McLaughlin office, it’s a real treat to do all 3 services in one day.Since starting the 8 weeks of wellness I have more energy and feel great , not tired and sluggish in the evening anymore. That showed me, what a difference a few small changes can really make my goal is to live a healthy long life.


Thank you to everyone at McLaughlin Care, your office staff is just amazing & it shows because they all care about you, your results and how you feel.

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