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6 Ways you can Lose Weight without the Struggle of Sheer Willpower!

December 9, 2015


Weight management can be a contentious issue, for both men and women of all ages. Not only does our weight affect issues such as our self-esteem, it also has a major effect on our physical health and susceptibility to diseases. It is therefore vitally important that everyone try to control their weight as best as possible, so the chances of getting health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity and minimized. Below are the key factors that we should be aware of when it comes to managing their weight. 



1. Avoid Diet ‘Fads’ And Trends

There are so many diets around that claim to be the wonder cure to lose weight and maintaining a healthy size. However, there is very little between the different versions, and they are unlikely to work in the long term.  Many times you will lose muscle and gain fat, causing the ever dreaded rebound effect of gaining all the weight back plus some.


2. Eat The Right Things

To Lose weight is simply about eating the right amounts of the right things combined with some exercise. Your diet should include lean protein at every meal as well as making sure you get a sufficient quantity of fruit and vegetables, choosing minimal dairy and avoiding sugars.


3. Get Involved With Sports

Instead of being an avid watcher and always following your favorite team, why not get involved. It will be great for self-esteem, improving social connections and will be brilliant for managing your weight. Eating a healthy diet is only half the battle; it has to be in conjunction with exercise otherwise it is going to be less effective to lose weight.


4. Protein Smoothies

Protein shakes such as Ultra Meal for Metagenics, a medical food can help with weight management when used correctly. Just before going out for a meal or to the pub for example, you should have a smoothie. They will help you feel full before going out, so when you are eating out you are likely to eat a much more reasonable portion size. 


5. Make Extra When Cooking And Freeze It

When you cook, make sure you cook at least twice as much as you need that day and freeze it in portion sizes. When you are rushing around, on your way out or just can’t be bothered to cook, you will have healthy meals ready to microwave.  Meaningful left overs are also a great lunch option.


6. Get a Coach 

Everyone needs a coach, someone to keep you accountable to cheer you on with your wi

ns and coach you on the changes you need to make with support and education When you are lacking that motivation, we will be here and they will be able to encourage you to keep going. There will be days when will not feel like eating sensibly nor doing any form of exercise, but it just takes “doing” instead of “trying”. With McLaughlin Care and 8 Weeks to wellness we will be here to encourage, coach and cheer for you and your success of becoming the healthiest possible version of your self!  If you are ready to start send me an email and I will get set up for a wellness score to get you started!



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