How Community Functional Medicine Could Help You


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Hi everybody Dr. Julie McLaughlin here from McLaughlin care with functional medicine Friday. I have something super exciting that I want to share with you today. We do functional medicine in the office and I've been practicing it for more than 30 years and we've seen really phenomenal things.

We've seen great results with everything from, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestion problems fatigue autoimmune diseases. You name it. We've seen. The spectrum where we've worked with our patients through looking at advanced lab work and nutrition and lifestyle changes.

One of the things that we've noticed over time is that, when you have your visit with us, it's awesome. We go over your labs and you get all your results. And then we check up on you usually in about three months to see where you are with the labs. Sometimes. People fall off the wagon, and they're not getting the results that they should. We have been really brainstorming. I'm working on a way that we could be more consistent helping you help yourselves with lifestyle changes. We hooked up with a community that's called Heal Community and we are one of the first chiropractors in this community.

There they're primarily medical doctors and the community was developed out of a need to help more patients with functional medicine. We know there's not very many functional medicine doctors out there. And so they developed this community because a lot of patients weren't getting into appointments for months and months who were critically ill.

And they started in the Heal Community they started doing these group visits with a wellness coach that helped them on the path to start to get better. And they found that a huge percentage of those patients were getting better and never even needed the visit with the doctor. So that is an amazing thing.

And it's much more affordable. So we know that we have inflation and crazy times. So we want to be really cognizant not to add to that and to help you. These visits are covered by some insurance companies, and even if they're not covered by your insurance company, they're very reasonable. I want to show you what it entails and we're starting our first group in July and the numbers are limited. We're limiting it to a max of 17 patients to be in this group. So if you're interested, I would suggest you sign up and register right away so you could get your spot. But let me show you and take a look of what else you're going to get with this. This is the registration site and this is where you'd register to join, but let's see how it works first.

We go through a six month program and you have seven group visits and the group visits we talk about pillars and the pillars are community and foundation, nutrition, digestion, stress, relaxation, movement, exercise, sleep, and natural rhythms environment and toxins.

When we look at these things, we know common sense. We need to be doing this, but it's really tough to do it alone. So with this, you get a huge book that we will walk you through. It's a workbook that you write in that you're going to be able to talk to the wellness coach. You're going to be able to talk to other people who are going through the same thing.

You're going through a huge part that has come in this pandemic which is mental health and particularly loneliness and isolation in people. That is been shown in the studies like Dr. McNamara said in our Wellness Wednesday to cause a lot more pain and inflammation and chronic disease. We're going to tackle all of those things with one really easy solution.