Heal Community @ McLaughlin Care FAQ!


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Hey everybody, Dr. Julie McLaughlin here. And I am going to answer all your questions you have about heal community. I know you've been following us on YouTube and social media and getting all our emails and hearing all the buzz that we've been talking about this heal community. And it's because we're super, super excited to do this with our patients.

So I'm gonna answer some questions. And hopefully you're gonna learn everything you need to know, because I really want you to be able to take advantage of this. This is a huge opportunity for you. And for us to really help you get the care that you deserve. So what is it, what are all the questions that you have for this?

And I'm gonna tell you, I'm gonna answer a bunch of your questions, but if you have more, you can always call the office and ask because I want you to understand. So I know many of you probably remember when we had the five pound weight loss challenge and we had the five day de-stress challenge. We had it in our little Facebook group and we did virtual talks every day. We did group sharing and we gave you handouts and workbooks and things to do. And everybody who was in that five pound challenge they did awesome. And they de-stress too. I know a lot of you are still killing ants, right? Those automatic negative thoughts

And so when we thought about that was only five days. And if we could make impact on your health in five days, by doing that little group, What could we do in six months? What could we do if we had more support with a health coach and that you had access 24/7, just like you did in those groups, and you had individual visits with us, your doctors, every single month.

What would help improve the outcome. So when we started looking at it, we found this heal community and the statistics are staggering. The improvements that people make by having the support, having the knowledge and having the direction on a really regular basis to make sure that you're getting rid of those chronic diseases and preventing new ones from coming and you better believe you're gonna be sharing all your information with your family and your friends, because you want everybody around you to be as healthy as you are, just like we did with those challenges.

What is the heal community? So it's a private group for our patients. This is just our patients in our community and it's a very small group. Now if you're not one of our patients, we are accepting new patients and we would do a little visit with you prior to going into the group. You'll learn six pillars of foundational health through virtual coaching groups and individual appointments. So you get access to both. If you wanna know more what those pillars are, go back on our YouTube channel. We have a whole YouTube playlist that's just called heal community and we go through those pillars in depth. You have a complete work book that you'll be able to use at home and is old school where you can write in it, most people like that.

We provide education and guidance and support that you need to create those healthy habits to actually get 'em to stick. So just think, I know a lot of people are starting on their supplements and maybe they have questions about it, but their visit's not for three months until they're getting retested. And by then maybe they screwed up taking the dose or whatever it is you need help with. Or maybe you're not sure, is this food inflammatory or can I have that? Will it raise my blood sugar or, I'm really stressed. What can I do for this is the place for you if you need that extra help. And honestly, I don't know who doesn't.

Because it really will make a difference in your life. And it's a very safe place to ask all your questions. It's the place where you can ask all the questions that you wish you had more time to ask when you're at your doctor's visits. In our medical system, we don't have much time in all visits. So you get all your questions and answers here in this group, you'll learn valuable tools to regain, maintain, and share lifestyle changes that will significantly improve your health and your friends and families.

In this program, you're gonna have live group coaching from national board certified health coaches and Dr. McNamara and I will be hopping on there as well, because we're gonna be pulling you out in one on one coaching and one on one visits as well. So you'll have private visits with us as well as the entire group. You