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End of January Resolution Blues

New Year’s Resolutions can be extremely difficult to keep. Every year we promise ourselves we are going to do things no matter what and somehow it slips away from us even if we are just getting started! This year will be different, I am going to give you some help.

Make sure your resolutions or goals are balanced. Most of the time we pick things we HAVE or NEED to but have struggle with in the past. I want to lose weight or I want to ______(plug in your own famous goal.) In life we need balance if we are only doing the “chore” life can become a battle.

So let’s think about it this way there are 7 areas of your life to balance (the 7 F’s of Oola):

  1. Friends

  2. Fun

  3. Finance

  4. Fitness (health)

  5. Field (career)

  6. Fatih

  7. Family

If you choose “I want to lose weight” as your goal that would fall under Fitness. Now you put all your time energy and money into fitness and the first week is difficult to start but then it is going great until the weekend comes….yes the weekend. Our schedules change we have more family time or friend time and our resolution or goal of fitness is pushed to the side. Now, you may be better than most and get through that first weekend but the majority of people fail with their resolutions by Super Bowl Sunday…that is only 3 - 4 weeks into the year!

Why does it have to happen like this year in year out? Well . . it doesn’t! This is what I want you to do . . . I want your to pay attention to all 7 areas of your life to have balance. Instead of making that one goal in one area I want you to make 7 one in each area. “7 are you kidding me?” yes I heard you think that! Hear me out . . . I want you to think of your 7 areas as a “wheel” you are the axis in the middle (look at the picture if you are missing my point here) You need a round wheel to make your life run smoothly right? That is where the balance comes in, we want to make 3 action items behind each of our 7 “Ooals” (That is short for Oola-la-la by the way based on the famous book “Ooal Balance” This is what it would look like:


1. This week I will call or text a good friend I haven’t heard from in a month.

2. This month I will have lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in 2 months.

3. When I am out and about today I will say hello and start a conversation with a possible new friend.


1. I will work out (walk with my office friends at lunch) 30 minutes Monday - Friday

2. Every day I will eat a protein at each meal, no bread, no dairy and no sugar

3. I will get to the Chiropractor and have my spine checked and adjusted for better posture and pain relief.

We are giving you 5 tips to ensure that no matter what health-related New Yearís resolution you make you will have the greatest possible chance of seeing it through. But be warned, some of these tips are pretty intense and they are certainly not for the week hearted!

Tip #1 Make It Achievable

This is a very obvious tip but it is one that some people don’t really consider when making their New Year’s Resolutions. In order to gauge whether or not your goals are actually achievable you are going to write down the steps that you will take to manifest them.

Let’s take an example of a 40 year old person who makes a New Year’s Resolution to lose 50 pounds. If that person thinks that, they are going to easily lose that much weight and get back the body they had when they were 25, obviously this is a goal that in 90% of people is completely unachievable. Why? Because it places an immense amount of immediate stress and targets a much more long-term goal.

However, setting a more realistic short-term goal that focuses on losing the first 10 pounds, is a great resolution, and is much more user-friendly and realistic. The smart approach is to set both long-term goals, say the 50 pounds, with a set of short-term goals as stepping-stones to get there.

Write down the steps that will get you to your goal and be honest with yourself when considering whether or not you are actually going to be able to achieve it.

Tip #2 Daily Intention Setting & Meditation (Think Better)

Once you have decided on exactly what your resolution is, you are going to remind yourself of it every day, and you are also going to program yourself for success. Write down what your goal is and post it in at least five places around your home so that you see it and be reminded of it every day. This will help you to stay on track and not forget what you promised yourself you would achieve.

Also, every single morning of every single day you are going to visualize success. You can do this in bed when you wake up or you can spend 5 minutes doing this once you have gotten out of bed and organized all of the morning tasks to be done. Find a spot where you can be alone for 5 minutes and visualize yourself having already achieved your goal.

1. Feel the feelings of accomplishment and happiness at having achieved your goal.

2. Imagine how you will feel and think at that point in your life

3. Make the visualization extremely rich in sensation, meaning imagine all the senses at work, what you will hear, what you will see and how you will feel, imagine how proud you can be letting everybody know that you achieved your goal and imagine how happy other people will be for you.

This is an extremely powerful way of programming your brain for success because it will begin to believe that you have already achieved your goal and it will transform your body and thoughts in accordance with that.

Tip #3 Join Forces

Another way to help you to achieve your goal is to join forces with a friend, family member or even with one of our staff members at McLaughlin Care, maybe our trainer, nutrition counselor massage therapist or Chiropractor who can help support your New Year’s Resolution. Being able to receive support and encouragement will give you more motivation to stick to your plans and achieve success.

Just make sure that the person you choose to join forces with has a high level of motivation to achieve their goal too and you will guarantee that you both get the support you need.

Tip #4 Tell Everyone What You Are Going To Do

Tell everyone that you know what your plan is. Doing this will mean that if you fail your resolution you are going to have to explain to everyone that you know, one by one, how you failed, and no-one likes to admit defeat. Make the thought of failure so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to continue working towards your goal.

Tip #5 Celebrate Every Win!

Once you have given yourself a realistic target, you are going to find ways to celebrate the little steps

along the way. You worked out 5 days this week reward your self with a massage. You are doing some meditation, reward yourself with a infrared sauna to bring your relaxation to the next level. You stayed with your diet all week, get some extra support and ideas for the next week from our nutritional counseling group. If you even accomplished one thing on your list of goals celebrate! Take a walk and enjoy nature, relax with some aroma therapy and essential oils from Young Living, get an adjustment from your Chiropractor. Do something healthy to celebrate you!!

So there you have five simple but powerful tips to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions. Put all of them to work and you will guarantee that you have the highest possible amount of motivation for staying on track to become the best possible version of yourself!

If you need help with an ache or pain, posture, flexibility, strength, stress reduction, nutrition, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic or fitness call McLaughlin Care at 847-234-2346 or email us at We would be happy to help you make all your goals and dreams become a reality!

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