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Hey everybody, Dr. Julie with functional medicine Friday. I have something really cool to show you. And this is going to give you more ways to access all the chiropractic and functional medicine stuff. And it's a really, cool surprise, and we're very excited to offer this to all of our patients. I want you to get out your phones because we now have our own app. You're going to go to the app store and you're going to download McLaughlin care. There might be some other apps that you see under the. Wellness or VIP or something. Don't go download those. Download the one that says McLaughlin care and the little icon.

It's our logo. It's our local here at the clinic is a free app. There's no purchasing involved at all, but I'm going to show you what's on the inside. So let's take a look. So on the inside of the app is what you're going to see. And I'm going to show you some of the really cool things you can do, right?

From your phone. You can schedule an appointment with us right on your phone. She clicked the scheduler. You hit the plus sign schedule now, and it's going to give you your choice. Of what things you want to schedule for. So let's say you want to schedule for a new patient exam. You click that book, the service you can pick, which doctor you want to see, and it will give you all the availabilities and you can book and schedule right now, you'll get an email confirmation and you are in, so that's a really good one under this schedule appointment one, you can also.

Make a payment, the payment links you can click to call us. You can send us a file. Many times we get new patient files this way or blood tests this way. And you can even send us a message if it's regarding your appointment or your billing questions that way. We, unfortunately we can't answer medical questions this way.

We like you to make appointments and talk to us either in tele-health they're come in because of HIPAA and you can also get directions. So that's a really cool one and click call us and you can call right away in the contact section. You're going to have access to again, directions and all of our websites.

Now let's get to the good stop. We have a vitamin store, and this is going to connect you directly. To our custom packs. These are packs and formulas that we created here in our office for specific conditions, you can see joint pain, immune support, got it. Pack multi daily, all of these different things. So let's say you click on the neuropathy pack and there you go.

You're going to be able to see everything that's in the pack. You're going to see everything here. How they come in individual packs, what they are, you can do recurring orders, one time orders. You can download the supplement ingredient list of everything that's in here. And we have shipping is always free and because these are custom packs, they'll get delivered within five to seven business days.

That's a really, cool thing. And like I said, we developed all these packs specific for the conditions. And then you can connect to our websites here, both our weight loss and our McLaughlin care website. And we have lots of wellness programs. You guys, a lot of you've been on our project selfie.

And so let's say you wanted to have a wellness program and learn more about Alzheimer's or cholesterol or blood pressure. These are all programs that. Put on for you there. PowerPoints there's downloads, there's eBooks, tons of information. Just click on whatever you like there. And then how about home instructions?

We know our chiropractic patients, a home instructions are super, super important and you just sign up for free and you'll have full access to download them videos. Dr. McNamara put tons of videos in there for home instructions, run back pain of every variety. If you just want to get some wellness videos.

You can click here and you will have all our wellness, Wednesdays and functional medicine Fridays in case you miss one and want to go back and watch it. You can watch it right from the app. If you are one of our weight loss patients, here's all the handy links down here at the bottom that you can see.

And that is so you can connect to our other portals on our blog. If you missed our latest blogs and you want the latest information, Ms. Functional medicine, Friday, there's wellness, Wednesdays. Everything is here on our blog store. Now we have a few ebook wellness, eBooks and this energy crack, the sugar habit, 101 ways to be healthy and you can download them and read them right on your phone and last but not least.

You can connect with us in our Facebook page. So that's it for our app. So remember go to the app store and search McLaughlin care and download it today. We'll see you soon. Bye-bye.

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