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Which is better? High Intensity Vs Low Intensity Workouts

When most people think of diet and exercise, they have misconceptions with regard to which workouts will give them the results they are looking to see. Those looking to lose weight should consider a different workout routine that those looking to gain muscle or develop stamina. It’s understanding how there may be some confusion with regard to which exercise routines are best for which goals, however there are some guidelines that can be followed to optimize results.

There are two main types of workout routines: High intensity and low intensity workouts. High intensity workouts have different components than low intensity workouts, and each type has their benefits. Some have found that high intensity workouts deliver better results, while many advocates of low intensity workouts have claimed that they see the right results from their workout routine.

While testimonials can give very different ideas with regard to which workout is better, the question still remains: are high intensity workouts better than low intensity workout?

High Intensity Workouts

The main reasoning behind high intensity workouts is the speed at which they deliver optimal results. Those looking to lose weight fast or gain muscle quickly often opt for high intensity workouts, due to the fast results they can achieve. High intensity workouts include sprinting, bodyweight exercises, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and plyometrics.

Why do high intensity workouts deliver faster results?

When one works themselves to the degree that they will during a high intensity workout, they are putting themselves through much more than they would typically, which results in a higher

metabolism and faster calorie burning. The body experiences faster heart rates during high intensity workouts, which allows it to burn calories more efficiently, make high intensity workouts one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

There are many benefits to high intensity workouts, however they put the body under extreme physical stress that can be harmful with time. These types of routines have been linked to joint pain with age, and putting the heart under so much stress can lead to cardiac and vascular issues as well, which are far less-likely to be seen as a result of low intensity workout routines.

Low Intensity Workouts

Traditional workout routines typically involve low intensity sets, and do not produce results as quickly as high intensity workouts. The heart reaches around 50 percent of the body’s maximum heart rate, as opposed to 75 percent with high intensity workouts. Low intensity workouts include jogging, elliptical training, and water aerobics.

While low intensity workouts do not provide results as quickly as those of high intensity, they do have a number of benefits that allow them to stand apart. The elderly, those with heart or joint problems, and those who are new to working out should consider low intensity workouts, as they are still effective at burning fat and building muscle, but do not have the drawbacks of a high intensity routine.

There is no way to definitely say that high intensity workouts are better than their low intensity counterparts. Each type of workout has its benefits, and can offer weight loss and muscle building to anyone when done properly. Those who are looking for fast results should consider high intensity workouts, but those who are looking to lose weight or build their body over time should consider something less involved.

If you are unsure of which exercise routine may be best for you, contact Dr. Julie McLaughlin to discuss your fitness and exercise options. At McLaughlin care, you can learn more about which workouts are best for your body, and you can get in touch with a Wellness Coach or Personal Trainer. Our in-house personal trainer Sarah Olson can work with you in our fitness center to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, so that you can feel confident in your workout routine.

Whether you are seeking guidance with HIIT or a simple cardio workout, contact McLaughlin Care today to learn more about our Fitness Center in Lake Buff. Our in-house Personal Trainers and Wellness Coaches can help you with any kind of workout routine, whether it be strength training, weight loss, or something in between. Our 8 Weeks to Wellness program combines the knowledge of our highly trained coaches, trainers, and chiropractors to bring you the most effective fitness program in Lake Buff.

Call us today to begin your fitness journey, and begin your path to a happy, healthy future!

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