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7 Ways Stress is Killing You

Most people take stress as a normal part of life. They chug coffee in order to stay awake and they just keep on working, even though there is evidence that stress may be killing them.

Here are ten signs you need to pay attention to that tells you stress is killing you:

  1. You can’t sleep during the night. Stress can contribute to nighttime insomnia. Instead of sleeping, you find yourself ruminating on issues instead of getting the sleep you need to get through the next day. The insomnia builds up over several days and you find yourself functioning less in the work place.

  2. You catch colds and flus. Stress can reduce your ability to fight off infections you are exposed to. If your life contained less stress, you would be able to fight off pathogens you are surrounded by each and every day.

  3. You drink too much. Alcohol will make you forget all of the stress you are under until the next morning. If you are under extreme stress you may actually drink secretly which can affect your job performance. Drinking on the job can also get you fired, no matter how much stress you are under.

  4. You find you can’t concentrate or your memory is poor. If you find that your concentration is lacking or your memory is not functioning this may be due to excessive

stress. If you find that you can’t concentrate, take a break and do something for yourself so that you can go back to work with a fresh mind.

  1. You experience stiffness and pain for no reason. If you are stressed you maybe tensing up your muscles and not even realize it causing stiffness,

pain and lack of range of motion. In addition to the pain it will cause poor posture and can lead to more chronic back conditions as well.

  1. You suffer from indigestion or have irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Stress can affect your digestion and you won’t digest your foods as well as you would like to. This can lead to increased stomach gas, reflux, and an overall feeling of indigestion after meals or snacks. Irritable bowel results in diarrhea and constipation, often alternating between the two. This can be highly related to the amount of stress you are under.

  2. You are Grouchy. Stress can make you more irritable so that you snap at people and want to isolate yourself. It means you don’t get along with people in the way you would normally do and this can negatively affect all relationships.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs it is time to take action. Stress is a killer but there are solutions to manage it without the use of medications. Studies have shown, lifestyle changes like exercise, eating better, sleeping better, better posture, pain relief with chiropractic care and meditation are a great place to start. The long lasting effect of making these changes will have a lasting effect of less stress and the added benefit of better overall health. I am here to help, just call for your Wellness Score today 847-234-2346

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