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Top 3 Health Resolutions to Lose Weight in the New Year

Keeping up with your New Year’s Resolution is always hard. Most of us set resolutions that are hard to reach, so the first step is to be practical! The whole point of a New Year’s Resolution is to self-improve from the past year to make a happier/healthier you. At the top of everyone’s list should be eat better, followed by move better (exercise), think better and then we can’t forget our old favorite lose weight. If you follow through with your resolutions you will look good and feel good!

Here are some helpful tips to help you stay on track when becoming the new you:

1. Eat Better

There are so many diet plans out there so what is the best one for you? Find one that fits your own individual needs and desires. You also want to keep it simple and be disciplined! Start by doing this:

  • Throw out all junk food

  • Cut carbs and replace them with protein, vegetables and healthy fats

  • Plan and cook meals in advance

  • Use your healthy leftovers from the night before for lunch

2. Move Better

Make it the highlight of your day. It’s a great way to de-stress and there are so many different ways to make your workout fun! Exercise is a great kick start to lose weight too!

  • Make a workout plan. Ex: Week one train upper body twice and lower body once, week two train lower body twice and upper body once and even throw in some abs!

  • Do some long distance low intensity cardio. Ex: Power walking, or biking for an hour a day

  • Also add high intensity interval training cardio to your workout Ex: hill sprints or rowing sessions –functional fitness

  • Train three to five days a week

3. Think Better

Keep your mind right. By eating better and moving better you will already be starting to think better. Don’t get down on yourself when you hit a road block, 90% of the physical game is mental.

  • Meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing

  • Spend more time doing things you enjoy

  • Laughter can decrease the level of stress hormones

  • Keep in mind your end goal! And don’t give up.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting healthy is getting started. Instead of saying just "do it" just "TRY IT" that takes the hard part away because you can TRY anything. I will try to lose weight, I will try to exercise, I will try to eat better, I will try to think better. I will try to become the healthiest possible version of my self for 2016. Great Resolutions for a Great New Year!!

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