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“How do I do it” vs. “Can I do it?”

Are you asking yourself……."How do I do it?" instead of "Can I do it?" Depending of which you choose it can be characterized in terms of the guiding principle that there are no failures, only ineffective solutions.” — Ellen Langer from Mindfulness

I love that “there are no failures, only ineffective s

olutions” That has to be one of my all time favorite quotes.

Do you see the difference between these two questions? “How do I exercise more?” vs. “Can I exercise more?” The first one focuses on the process and the other on the outcome. Which question is more helpful?

Try it your self….think about a challenge in your life, it may be something like: betternutrition, start exercising, reduce stress, better posture etc.

Now ask your self “Can I doit?” notice your thought process now ask yourself “How can I do it?” What was your thought process on that one? Which was more powerful? (Huge difference, right?)

According to Tal Ben-Shahar’s Choose the Life You Want : “When we hear about extremely successful people, we mostly hear about their great accomplishments—not about the many mistakes they made and the failures they experienced along the way. In fact, most successful people throughout history are also those who have had the most failures. That is no coincidence. People who achieve great feats, no matter what field, understand that failure is not a stumbling block but a stepping-stone on the road to success. There is no success without risk and failure. We often fail to see this truth because the outcome is more visible than the process—we see the final success and not the many failures that led to it.

When I acknowledge that fulfilling my potential must involve some failure, I no longer run away from risks and challenges. The choice is a simple one: Learn to fail, or fail to learn.”

So how about asking your self…If I couldn’t fail what one thing would I try to do and accomplish? Remember you can’t fail… you have your one thing in mind? Now let’s apply that thought to our guiding principle. I can not fail at _______(your one thing) so I have nothing to lose. It may take time and coaching to figure out an “effective solution” but once you do you will never fail.

How awesome is that? Finding an effective solution is the key to never failing! If you need help with your “How” McLaughlin Care and 8 Weeks to Wellness are always here to help.

Here’s to celebrating the time and effort involved in your success!

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