Laboratory Testing

 Blood, Urine, Stool and Saliva Testing
Routine & Advanced Blood Test
The most advanced Cardio-Metabolic testing available for pain inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and more
Cholesterol & Heart Disease
Cholesterol, Heart Disease, hypertension, stroke and heart attacks
Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Hypoglycemia
Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, sugar handling issues
Food Allergy Testing
Food Allergy Blood Testing 87 foods IgG and IgM
Eating for your Genes
Gut Health
From parasites, to gut microbiome, Celiac and Crohn's a proper diagnosis makes a proper treatment
Menopause & Hormones
Female or male hormone and may be tested in blood or saliva
Hyper or Hypothroidism is tested in the blood
Metabolism and Weight Loss
How to speed up your metabolism and increase your weight loss
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Eating for your Genes APOE and MTHFR