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900 North Shore Drive, #170 

Lake Bluff, IL 60044


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What they say about this Doc

"This place rocks! I joined them thinking I was in a normal decline for my age. They proved me wrong! In a matter of weeks, ailments that have been with me for years began to decline and my quality of life is quickly returning!


While it is a great Chiropractic office, it is far more than that. It is also a wellness center. They ran extensive tests and evaluations on me and then the game was afoot! They focus on the foods we eat, exercise, relaxation, and spinal alignment.


The combination of highly skilled Personnel goes to work on you and your joie de vive returns in short order.


You do need to commit to them as much as they commit to you to get the best out of this program. But it can be a real life saver for some of us!


Dr. Julie McLaughlin


Dr. McLaughlin is a veteran Wellness practitioner who graduated from Bradley University and the National University of Health Science.  She has mastered the art of educating people as a means of creating healthier, more vibrant and happier individuals. Her approach addresses the patient's ultimate health goals and how to achieve them through chiropractic and personalized functional wellness.  Wellness is not just her career it is her passion and it can be witnessed through her constant pursuit of knowledge in the latest research to help her patients reach their full health potential, saving one heart at a time.


Dr. McLaughlin speaks, blogs, and makes media of all kinds on different health-related topics motivating people to make a better-informed choice about their health. She educates not only her patients, but businesses, corporations, and even other doctors.  


She created the Vital Health Protocols Program to educate practitioners how to transform health with Personalized Functional Medicine/Nutrition through a hands-on training. Dr. McLaughlin believes that through the philosophy of “Learn, Live and Teach Wellness” she can serve more people and save many hearts at a time.


She combines her knowledge and experience in these areas, have empowered her to deliver one of the most effective and creative approaches to wellness in healthcare today.



Her Story...


As a young girl, Dr. McLaughlin had recurrent tonsillar infections which resulted in the removal of the glands.  This surgery proved to be life-threatening to her at the age of 5, she was hospitalized for over 2 months.  During this difficult time, she decided she wanted to become a doctor to help other people like she was helped.  With 15 years of college, her dream came true. She settled in Lake Forest/Lake Bluff where her family was from and this is the community she chose to help.  


Many of her patients have been under her care for decades, they are part of her extended family. Her patient's children and grandchildren are patients too.  They knew her when she got married, had children and even moved from location to location as she expanded into new offices.  It is this family practice atmosphere that makes her office comfortable and familiar.