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Meet Dr. McNamara

Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Doctor and Weight Loss Specialist

Dr. Jacob McNamara was born and raised in Springfield IL. He grew up playing football in high school and running track in high school and in college. Dr. McNamara was first introduced to Chiropractic after tearing his hamstring during a track meet. Dr. McNamara received Chiropractic care for this injury and recovered in a fraction of the time quoted by the physical therapist that was consulted initially. This experience showed him the power of Chiropractic care, and the variety of treatment options Chiropractic physicians can offer.


Dr. McNamara graduated Magna Cum Laude from Illinois College with a bachelor of science degree in biology, and recently graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with Summa Cum Laude honors. At Palmer, Dr. McNamara also worked as a teaching assistant in the cadaver lab, as well as serving as the Clinical Teaching Assistant for Mod 6B.


Dr. McNamara currently works at McLaughlin Care in Lake Bluff, IL. His professional interests include chiropractic care, functional medicine, therapeutic exercise, and wellness. Dr. McNamara is very passionate about helping others and dedicates himself to each and every patient regardless of the complexity of each case.


 When Dr. McNamara isn’t in the office he enjoys spending the majority of his time being active with his wife and their dog. He enjoys exercise, playing sports and hiking on weekends, reading, and researching health and wellness topics to improve the health of himself, his family, and his patients.

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Dr. Jacob McNamara